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Iskoristite Naše znanje

  • Partnerstvo sa prodajnim kanalima Airbnb i Booking
  • Komunikacija sa gostima 24/7h, naš centar za komunikaciju radi neprestano
  • Oglašavanje na svim prodajnim kanalima za vaš apartman
  • Promocija na web sajtu Beohost.rs
  • Marketing na svim portalima za rezervacije nezavisnih proizvođača
  • Generacija velikog broja noćenja
  • Promocija na  kanalima društvenih medija
  • Sezonsko planiranje cena
  • Personalizovane kampanje na društvenim mrežama
  • Upravljanje svim upitima gostiju
  • Email marketinške kampanje
  • Generisanje korporativnih ugovarača / dugoročne rezervacije
  • Generisanje recenzija gostiju
  • Sve marketinške usluge + sve usluge
  • Čišćenje Apartmana
  • Pranje posteljina
  • Dočekivanje svakog gosta
  • Mesečne procene cena
  • Profesionalna fotografija 
  • Održavanje, upravljanje oštećenjima i popravkama
  • Personalizovane dobrodošlice gostima
  • Upravljanje iskustvom gosta nakon rezervacije
  • Domaćinstvo izvor i upravljanje promenama
  • Nabavljanje i upravljanje izvođačima
  • Organizovanje posteljine
  • Gosti 24-časovni kontakt za hitne slučajeve
  • Periodični pregledi
  • Finansijsko izveštavanje i projekcije novčanih tokova
  • Generisanje recenzija gostiju

Prepustite celokupan posao nama, a vi uživajte u profitu. 

„Neka vaša nekretnina radi za vas“

"Sve za nekretnine pod jednim krovom"

Beohost Tim

Marketing Usluge

Naša marketinška usluga omogućava vam da radite ono u čemu uživate i radite najbolje, dok nam omogućava da se brinemo o marketingu vaše imovine umesto vas. Beohost ima i sisteme i tim spreman da oglašava i promoviše vašu imovinu. Koristimo nezavisne stranice za rezervacije, marketing putem e-pošte, društvene medije i još mnogo toga. Osiguravanje da ne morate da brinete o trošenju dragocenog vremena kako bi ste privukli goste u vaše apartmane. Garantujemo veliki broj ostvarenih noćenja.

Tu Smo Zbog Vas

U potpunosti poštujemo vlasnike , njihove želje i njihovo znaje. Dok sami obavljaju sve aktivnosti na licu mesta i lično se brinu o svojim gostima. Znamo da ste zauzeti mnoštvom zadataka, poput susreta i pozdrava, čišćenja, zamene i problema sa gostima. Ukoliko želite da vas rasteretimo obaveza komunikacije, i praznih datuma u vašem apartmanu, prava smo adresa za vas.

Eksperti za Nekretnine

Beohost nudi usluge upravljanja imovinom za kuće za odmor, uređene apartmane, pansione, pansione i vlasnike hotela.

Imamo dve ključne ponude usluga. Marketinške usluge omogućavaju vam da maksimizirate potencijal svoje imovine, a da istovremeno zadržite praktičnu kontrolu. Alternativno, naše usluge potpunog upravljanja pružaju vam potpuno praktično poslovanje – predajte ključeve, a mi predajemo dobit!


Renting an apartment through an agency that will advertise it on a specialized site can be a real step especially for beginners because they will have at their disposal professional agents, trained for the job and familiar with the market situation, legal assistance and necessary guidelines for further development.

The agreement with the agency ensures that all conditions of the real estate lease are clearly defined, specified and harmonized, so in that case both parties are equally protected, the relationship between the owner and the tenant is officially regulated. Most potential disagreements, as well as any unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the lease of the property, are covered by pre-agreed, precise and legally grounded provisions of the agreement.
We offer you to become our partner and to achieve significantly higher income from your real estate without investing additional effort and time than you could by renting it out in the long run. Whether you have so far rented out your property exclusively on a monthly basis or you are already heavily engaged around short-term rentals, you will benefit from us.

We offer the entire infrastructure which is needed in order to be able to turn your apartment into a "Mini Hotel". In other words, we will be your mobile receptionist and manager. Beohost is a team made up of experienced people who have been in this profession for a considerable period of time. Leave all responsibilities to the experts and take extra money income without any engagement.

In agreement with us, we can determine how it suits you that we take a commission for our services.

If you are tired of running after guests, hiring cleaners, registering guests, washing bedding and many many other obligations that go along with it, call us and see how your business bloom without any work.

Get in touch!

When the guests are the main priority they will stay longer

-Robert Half


The re-issuance process is done by the Beohost team concluding a contract with you like any other tenant. They paid their rent, bills and all the costs of maintaining the apartments properly. The only difference would be that we would not spend time in the same apartment, but according to the contract we would be authorized to rent out your real estate in the short term. and exclusively through the Booking and Airbnb websites.

Business is done through these sites because we are their official partners. This makes it easier for us to better market your property, which is essential.

Our clients were initially worried about whether their apartment would remain intact and beautiful as it was. Of course he will!

Even if you allow us to do so, in agreement with you we invest extra resources so your real estate turned into a real holiday art for guests and for you. In addition to assigning each apartment a manager who checks events on a daily basis and makes a list before and after each guest arrives, we only accept guests with excellent grades! Booking and Airbnb also help us by recommending great guests

Why is your valued property still on the ads?

If you own an apartment, regardless of size, house or studio, which you are ready to include in our marketing system for renting accommodation for a short period, read further lines on the conditions and manner of cooperation with Beohost Agency, and if you have additional questions or suggestions improve our services, please contact us by phone or e-mail, so we will discuss all issues together and in a joint conversation bring the most favorable solution for you and us as a team, and for the users of our apartments.

For a start, in order to include your apartment in our offer, it is necessary that it meets the following basic conditions:

It is necessary that the apartment is located in the location of the narrow city center, you can see an example on the offer page on our website. The apartment must be fully and functionally furnished, if the accommodation is in a private house it must have a completely separate entrance. The advantage is certainly the quality of the furniture as well as the aesthetic moment of the complete accommodation. It is necessary that the accommodation has one of the fast electronic connections: Cable Internet, Wireless, ADSL, as well as cable television. A great advantage is having a garage space or parking space for users who come by car. Equipping the accommodation with air conditioning, technical devices in the kitchen and bathroom, central heating is also an advantage over apartments that do not have it, which is in the interest of apartment owners, because in that case the occupancy of the apartment will be higher. If the accommodation is located on higher floors, it is necessary that there is at least one elevator in the building.