Who Are We?

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What do we do

A young team of trained professionals who, through their original apartments, and then apartments owned by family, friends and acquaintances, felt the convenience that this market brings with the advent of websites for short-term real estate. Realizing that the domestic long-term rental market does not provide the possibility of earning even approximate income as short-term leases, we wanted to explore what creates an obstacle for people to turn their real estate into real oases of income.

In the middle of the market analysis, we found that a very large number of attractive properties owned by people who are very busy, busy with work and do not want to spend energy, time and nerves on washing, welcoming guests, taxes, accountants, prices, marketing and many other obligations. they go with this job, so they gave up the extra earnings.

Why us

Save time and effort with Beohost

A reliable partner

We are the leading team in this business in Serbia. We have successfully managed a large number of real estate and people. We know how to solve your problem and enable you to increase the passive inflow of money.

Modern approach

A team of young, modern people who are constantly improving the business of our company, thereby improving the income of their clients, uses innovative approaches and ideas. Good knowledge of modern technologies and their management enables constant progress, which is what Beohost always strives for.

Earn more in revenue

Earn more with your property! The short-term rental market enables higher prices, and thus higher earnings. The amount of money you now get by renting an apartment on a monthly basis can be up to 2 times higher with our help!

What do we offer?

The vision

Beohost is the first agency in Serbia that deals with providing the entire infrastructure so that our clients can enjoy the benefits of the modern real estate market. Turn your real estate, investment, passive income into your small hotel. Give it a Name and watch it win the hearts of foreign tourists.

Cooperation with us ensures that our client makes additional profit without investing additional time and effort. All the problems that have prevented you from feeling the benefits of short-term real estate, from the moment you hire us, are a thing of the past.

We will do a comprehensive process that you are not able to do due to obligations or other reasons, and we will form an agency percentage in agreement with you.
We organize the whole process for you from the moment when the guest needs to book to the moment when he leaves and needs to write a review. We also meet all legal items that must be realized in order for the property to be rented out in the short term.

Our goal is to improve the development of tourism in Serbia, harmonize it with the modern standard and the world and thus improve the situation in our country, and thus provide our clients with significant earnings.